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Reality is born out of dreams, Soloexhibition
Galleri CC, Båstadsgatan 4, Malmö, 9 Oktober-1st November, 2015
Curated by Melissa Hendersson

Verkligheten föds ur drömmar/Reality is born out of dreams

Our shared reality feels self sufficient impenetrable cold and distant. Meanwhile, my emotions and dreams are plodding along like mollusks in the dark, leaving mucous drawings that propose alternative truths.

In the exhibition, Reality is born out of dreams, Helena Johard shows from her subjective and irrational research of reality where unexpected readings and reflections are woven together to new fabulating truths. Her works often take an emotional approach to truth concepts created by authoritarian machineries including natural sciences, psychoanalysis and social norms. She uses drawing and painting to intuitively explore new readings, where ideas are further taken into the public by installations and performances.
Her art practice also mirrors her scientific research of stem cells. In contrast to the rational and objective boundaries associated with science, she uses her intuitive art practice to create alternative truths where emotions and subjectivity are harboured.